We meet with taste

the community to meet new people over food and drinks

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Our idea is simple. Stop with eating alone… host or attend a kitchen party! 

at home

It doesn't matter whether you have one-room flat or villa with pool

eating out

A restaurant, a winebar, a theatre…it doesn't need to be yours...if any, make a booking


It can be anywhere..a picnic in a park, an excursion, a bonfire BBQ...

We are growing, we are in over 472 cities, 71 countries...

Buenos Aires, Roma, Moscow, Milano, London, Bogota, Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Reggio di Calabria, Hong Kong, Rosario, New York City, La Plata, Lima, Sao Paulo, Venezia, Mexico City, Bologna, Padova, Stockholm, Brussels, Marcon, Barcelona, Perugia, Mumbai, Madrid, Mestre, Santiago, Palermo, …